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Bloody Mary by WendigoMoon Bloody Mary :iconwendigomoon:WendigoMoon 35 13 Hinnom Magazine Issue 003 Cover Art by WendigoMoon Hinnom Magazine Issue 003 Cover Art :iconwendigomoon:WendigoMoon 47 25 The Ghost of Christmas Past by WendigoMoon The Ghost of Christmas Past :iconwendigomoon:WendigoMoon 28 8 Count Orlok by WendigoMoon Count Orlok :iconwendigomoon:WendigoMoon 45 8 2017 Inktober Monster Challenge 1: Rumptifusel by WendigoMoon
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2017 Inktober Monster Challenge 1: Rumptifusel :iconwendigomoon:WendigoMoon 11 6
Cthulhu Idol - Necronomicon Page by WendigoMoon Cthulhu Idol - Necronomicon Page :iconwendigomoon:WendigoMoon 155 24 Warrior - Acid Wash Variant by WendigoMoon Warrior - Acid Wash Variant :iconwendigomoon:WendigoMoon 57 21 Cthulhu Idol - Colored Concept Sketch by WendigoMoon Cthulhu Idol - Colored Concept Sketch :iconwendigomoon:WendigoMoon 20 9 Samurai Scroll by WendigoMoon Samurai Scroll :iconwendigomoon:WendigoMoon 35 1 Samurai War Demon by WendigoMoon Samurai War Demon :iconwendigomoon:WendigoMoon 77 7 The Magician by WendigoMoon The Magician :iconwendigomoon:WendigoMoon 33 11 Clowning Around by WendigoMoon Clowning Around :iconwendigomoon:WendigoMoon 41 17 Samurai Scroll by WendigoMoon Samurai Scroll :iconwendigomoon:WendigoMoon 50 7
Eula “Bambi” Brooks and Faye “Foxy” Davies were a dangerous pair.  As a couple of smoky-eyed showgirls who stalked the night clubs and speakeasies of Prohibition-era Atlantic City, they were more than familiar with the Boardwalk’s criminal element… and eventually would go on to earn themselves a place in its history.  While their record is a short-lived one, the mystery surrounding it has endured for decades and continues to prod curious minds.
The story began in spring 1923 after Foxy Faye Davies’ sugar daddy – small time mobster Mack ‘The Bat’ Marino - was snatched up by revenue men and tossed in the tin can on charges related to the liquor trade.  Faye was down on her luck, forced into looking for a new way to afford her lavish lifestyle, and without anywhere else to turn except for her friend and fellow showgirl at the Oceanside Hotel & Casino, Eula “Bunny” Brooks.  Eula was a dame with ball
:iconwendigomoon:WendigoMoon 8 9
Maal Dweb by WendigoMoon Maal Dweb :iconwendigomoon:WendigoMoon 37 21 Oni Scroll by WendigoMoon Oni Scroll :iconwendigomoon:WendigoMoon 57 9



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Bloody Mary
A victim of her own desire, this noblewoman was terrified of aging and absolutely obsessed with maintaining her youth.  Every added wrinkle to her face sent her into an ever frantic race to defy the march of time. Desperate, she turned to the wisdom of the royal alchemists who experimented with all manner of exotic potions and elixirs, but with little success.  That is, until they came across something in one of the oldest and dustiest tomes on their - a frightful manuscript long said to be enchanted with great power and cursed with an even greater evil.  Despite its forbidden quality, the noblewoman urged the alchemists to pull from it the ritual that was said to promise not only eternal youth - but eternal life. 

The alchemists warned her that the ritual was extremely dangerous and had not been practiced in over three centuries... and for very good reason.  But the noblewoman brushed off their warnings and urged them onwards - telling them that if they refused to perform the alchemical experiment she would have them banished from the castle walls or worse.

Reluctant, the alchemists did as they were ordered and carried out the ritual as indicated in the ancient text.  When it was done, the noblewoman was said to have felt invigorated with new life - like she was a child again and born anew. However, as the days and weeks passed, others in the kingdom noticed changes in the noblewoman's demeanor. She became something of a recluse, choosing only to leave her chambers at night and if she had to travel at all during the day, she did so under complete and total cover, hiding her face beneath a hood and a thick veil.  People who chanced upon her without her coverings remarked that even though she had a youthful appearance - all her wrinkles had magically vanished - she took on a sickly, unnatural pale color - white like the snow but ghoulishly so.

Soon, stories began to surface of terrible rituals within the walls of the castle - of servant girls vanishing and their bodies being found days later on the banks of the river drained seemingly of their blood, with two little pin-pricks on their necks - bite marks - but what creature could have made them, the villagers wondered.  The creature, many suspected, was none other than the noblewoman of the castle herself, transformed by the unwitting alchemists into a diabolical creature of the night whose youth and life was guaranteed - but not without some strings attached.

As illustrated in the texts of the ancient, evil tome, the noblewoman would never be able to expose her skin to daylight again and she would be forever cursed with an unquenchable thirst for blood.

**A character created as an entry for the Vampire vs. Werewolf Face Off Challenge HERE being put on by the DeviantsGallery .**
Hinnom Magazine Issue 003 Cover Art
Cover art I did for Issue #3 of Hinnom Magazine, their special Halloween issue which I'm very proud & honored to have been a part of, and I cannot wait to read the stories inside. 

This particular piece, which I had a lot of fun in creating, features different characters from different classic horror stories - some which you may be able to pick out rather easily and some others not so much.  Can you name all the monsters and/or the stories/authors they're intended to represent? :)

Hinnom Magazine is a bi-monthly e-zine from Gehenna & Hinnom Books that publishes high quality science fiction, fantasy, and horror and I highly recommend checking them out, including their other great publications, by visiting their official site or their Facebook page

Embrace the Unknown.
The Ghost of Christmas Past
Stumbling through different Inktober prompts, I came across one made by MiaMagdalena HERE and its prompt for today is Ghost, so I conjured up a ghost - the Ghost of Christmas Past, that is - but not the one from Mr. Dickens' classic tale. Instead, this wretched beauty is the titular character from an unfinished short story I've had lying around... that perhaps I can actually get around to completing this year (fingers crossed)... It's a horror yarn that's basically Charles Dickens meets Edgar Allen Poe (but not nearly as good as anything those guys ever wrote lol) with a protagonist similar to Ebenezer Scrooge, who dreads the annual Yuletide celebration... and for a terrifyingly good reason. :)
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Quick question for my fellow deviants and watchers... what Norse mythological being should I attempt to illustrate next? There's so many options and I'm having trouble deciding on which one to do, so I'm asking you guys to please help me out and post your response in the comment sections based solely on 1 of the 5 beings I have listed below:

- Loki
- Gullveig
- Frost Giant(s)
- Troll(s)
- Volva (a female seer/sorceress basically)

I'll take count of the responses in like a week and whichever one has the most will be the next illustration in my scary Norse mythology series.  That being said, thank you so very much for taking the time to give me your input, I really appreciate it! :D


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The world is a vast labyrinth and in it there are many turns and corners... some which can lead to disaster... and others which can lead to far worse...

It seems, dear traveler, that you have made one of these turns, and now find yourself in my little dark corner of the world. Few have made the voyage here, and far fewer have made the journey back with their sanity still intact, for what lurks here is beyond the uncanny... beyond the phantasmagoric... prepare your eyes and beware, poor soul. You gaze upon these works at your own peril...

P.S. You can follow me and find more of my art on Instagram

And thanks for checking out my page! :D


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Hmm if you're looking for ideas - The Babadook could be cool (also a pretty good flick, if you haven't seen it) or the thin man from "Pan's Labyrinth" (also really good).

I've been working on a couple of drawings to upload on here - along with some collabs - the next one you will probably see is another collab with Hafizaprilio - this time a page out of the Necronomicon highlighting Cthulhu and the illustration he did for that is awesome! I've finished the colors and am currently adding some Aklo letters. That being said, I do have WIPs for some of the drawings that are currently in the works on my Instagram:… :D
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